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Professionality is always a brend! Particulary if we talk about children, who are hope of people and government. ALO DAYE in Azerbaijan is only company, which is preparing and offering for your servises affable, honest, attentive, professional, eclucated nannies, who passed psychological and pedagogical seminars and will take care of your children. The Alo Daye company conclicles juriclical contract with parents and nannies, defends citizenship of both sicles, provides calmless and confidense and whitch accept your lamentations and proposals. Let's neutralize control of time, on jobs, where you'll need profeccional point, with our help and with help of our assistants, we'll make a barter of your happiness and disturbanse. 0-6 year old, when child's personality starts to form, your child's feels conversion them into individuality, learn yourself and surroudings, and on all steps of devolopment our nannies, which are choosed according to measures, which conform to stanclarts of international psychologist. The company leads constant observation to cooperation betwee yhe family and nanny, and earies responsobility for any forse majeure situations. Alo Daye company in Azerbaijan side by sicle with parents thinks about your children. Nannies which are offering by our company, passing pedogogical and psycological seminars, accordingly to every age category of children and have a reference!. İf you rang in our company, you can cooperate with nannies, overbook them on certain hours or, for a day or month. İf you have an urgent job, so yo don't need granny, aunt, friend or a naibour. Don't think 'Who can entrust my child?' . Zust call us and we will give you a nanny for your adress. ALO DAYE takes responsobility for nanny and family.

Həşimova Samirə

42 yaş

Qurbanova Elza

59 yaş

and so on

Əkbərova Cəmilə

45 yaş


Services of Alo Daya

Daily nanny

We take responsibility of nannies that will be send by our company to convenient location for any hours.

Monthly nanny

Our company provides you educated nannies.

Cleaning team

The best quality cleaning services wait your call.

Nurse - tend

Our high educated, professional, patient and kind nurses are ready for you..

Language center

With different method, comfortable location, positive teacher your education will be funny.

"Modern kids" kindergarten

The best kindergarten with the best carefully and responsible staff, also day-and- night care waits your children.




  • 5 hours - 25 azn
  • For additional hours 2 azn per hour (till 8 o'clock)
  • After 8 o'clock for each hour will be payed 5 azn.
  • Select nanny


  • Simple nanny
  • VIP nanny
  • Price: 2 azn per hour
  • VIP nanny:add 100azn
  • You may choose a nanny
Clients comments

Clients comments

Our clients always valuable!



Alo Daya's goal is insurance parents with professional nannies' services.


Telephone: 070(050;055)-597-65-00

Email: alodaye2@gmail.com


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